33rd Annual DirtRunners Challenge

DirtRunner’s R/C Car Club proudly presents our 33rd annual trophy race. 2 rounds of qualifying and the Mains on Sunday 9/13. Trophies awarded to the top 3 drivers in each class plus TQ of each class.

Register Here: http://www.dirtrunners.com/outdoor-racing/outdoor-registration-form/

Gates open 8:00am
Registration closes at 9:00am
Racing starts 10:00am

*DRRC provides the opportunity to race all classes listed on this flyer, but cannot control the number of entries in any class. If the number of entries in any class is less than five, those entries may move into a similar class of competition or the class may be run at the race director’s discretion. If the entrant requests to move to a different class, drivers of said class must agree. The entrant may also decide to withdraw from competition and receive a refund.