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MAY 02, 23
JUNE 06,20
JULY 11,25
AUGUST 08, 22, 29
SEPTEMBER 11-12 DRRC Challenge, 26
Full Schedule & Info


Indoor Racing Season

  • Doors Open: 1:00 pm
  • Track Setup!!!
  • Racing Starts 3:00 pm

Outdoor Racing Season

  • Track Opens 8am
  • Reg. ends 9:30 am
  • Racing Starts 10:00 am
  • On-Site Food & Porta-Potty
  • Tables & Generator Recommended


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  • All participants, both racers and spectators, MUST wear a face covering when social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • All participants, both racers and spectators, MUST wear a face covering when walking through the pit areas.
  • Racers MUST wear a face covering when on the driver stand.
  • Face coverings MUST be worn to cover both nose and mouth.
  • Anyone not feeling well or has a fever please stay home.
  • All participants are recommended to bring their own disinfectant or hand sanitizer and use it throughout the day.
  • Per the state’s approval on July 3, 2020, outdoor gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 500 people.
  • Indoor gatherings must be limited to 25 people or 25% of a room’s capacity — whichever number is lower.
  • Remember it is everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules so please follow the rules and stay safe.


This past weekend we had a successful track prep day. We have been given the official word that racing will resume July 19th. Email Newsletters with important information will be going out today. ...

Insta to web connection test. ...

After much discussion, racing for the rest of the indoor season is cancelled. There will be no race on 3/21.
We did not make the decision lightly. We took the recommendations of the health organizations and the government entities on public gatherings as a guideline for this final decision.
All outdoor season dates and information will be TBA until the situation is solidified with public health. Keep your eyes out for more information as the situation develops.
Be safe and healthy. Keep the family intact.

Due to the lack of attendance (5 people showing up) and the fact that a great number of members are sick, as well as the Coronavirus scare - racing is cancelled for the night.
See you in two weeks!

We need to talk. As you know, we are having our 2019/2020 indoor season at Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church's Center as usual. What you may not know, and need to know, is that they have done extensive renovations to their back room. We will be unable to use the back room for pit space. This leaves us with no other choice but limit the amount of space taken for pits. So, this year, we are consolidating. For each double table in the front room an individual will be allocated 1/2 of the table face, meaning that it's mandatory that 4 people are per table. You may not have an entire side to yourself. Additionally, we will be squeezing as many tables onto the stage this year. Even more tables will be distributed to the turn 3 corner. In years past, the turn 3 corner wasn't regulated as a confined space. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.
We also may have to use the downstairs hallways in extreme situations. If we do have to pit downstairs, and this will be made known as you enter, you must be extra vigilant about cleaning up. No pitting downstairs unless you are told to.
We need to respect the venue even more than we have in the past.
Thanks y'all. Let's have a fantastic teal season!

It's finally here! The 2019/2020 Dirtrunners RC Car Club Indoor Season! Check the dates, reserve them.. come race! ...

2 days until the challenge. Pre-register. It closes Friday night. ...

Last minute addition to the Dirtrunners Challenge! Interest has grown to warrant the addition of 13.5t Mudboss. Think about this as an exhibition class.
The 2019 Salvas rules apply, with the only exception is that we allow the rally tires that are in the Dirtrunners rules. Hoosiers are preferred. So as a quick summary:
Tires - Hoosiers or Traxxas Rally
Gearing - open (used to be 28/76 for Dirtrunners)
I'm probably butchering the point I'm trying to make, so ask questions! ~Anthony

Hey there family! I've got a facilities maintenance day planned for Saturday August 31st. We'll be starting at 7am to get the work done early, so we can spend the rest of the day with our families.
The agenda is fixing the dasher boards on the outside of the oval, repairing the railing surrounding the track and replacing border pipes on the off-road. I (Anthony) want to get the place ready for the Challenge.
I need solid confirmation by Thursday morning so I can get the necessary wood and other supplies. We're plunking down $200 to get this done. If I don't have the help needed, I'm scrapping the plans. This is y'all's chance to help. I'm not doing it alone.
Drop a reply letting me know you're coming.

Help! As some of you that may know, and for those that don't - the off-road was worked heavily upon last weekend at the work day. The workers (whom we all should appreciate greatly) weren't able to get to the oval as much as they'd like.
Help is needed before the race to get the oval in decent condition. If there's anyone that can do anything before racing Sunday....

Dirtrunners family... Andy Wellima and Jonathan Ferrara will be at the track Sunday the 18th at 10am. They'll have a small machine. Any help is greatly appreciated. ...

Work day CANCELLED. Oh my God is it HOT. Upon further review, we have decided not to have anyone die, and to cancel the scheduled work day. Please stay safe and cool today. Remember to hydrate well if you do step outside.
See you all when we see you.

Don't forget to get the pre-registrations in. Shoop da wooooooop. Closes at 10pm Saturday. See y'all Sunday in the heat and sunshine. ...

Race is Sunday! Don't forget to pre-register. Preregistration closes at 10pm Saturday night. See you Sunday. ...

Hey! Get those pre-registrations in! They close at 10pm Saturday night. Can't wait to see y'all on Father's Day. ...

Please pre-register. With the weather looking shady, we want a headcount. Remember, pre-registration closes exactly at 10pm Saturday night.
Hope to see y'all there, as long as the weather sucks less.

Sunday is looking good. Let's get your pre-registrations in. They close at 10pm on Saturday night. Let's all make the first race day a success! Visit Dirtrunners website to register. ...