Interested in racing with the DirtRunners RC Car Club (DRRC)?  The steps listed below are a guide for new racers looking to get into RC Racing for the first time.

Step 1Attend a Race

  • Talk to the members, they are your greatest source of information!

  • Observe the classes and race structure.  Love Oval Racing? Off-Road? Both?

  • Ask questions about the classes you are interested in racing.

Step 2Joining the Club

  • You’ve made your decision and your are ready to race!

  • Fill out the membership form and submit your dues to the club president.

  • Membership provides track access and reduced race fees.

Step 3Choosing your Equipment

  • Talk to the members about the equipment they are using and why.

  • Choose the class(es) (indooroutdoor) that interest you, research your options and make a committed decision.

  • Support a local hobby shop when you make your purchase!

Step 4Let’s Go Racing

  • Understand race day procedure, present any questions you may have to the race director.

  • Make sure you have a personal transponder or work out a rental with the club.

  • Be prepared on race day! Make sure batteries are charged, and you are on time for your races.